One Ignored Cause for the Philosophical Decline

Rongqing Dai, Ph.D. For the past half a decade, I have conducted an extensive and in-depth diagnosis for why the mainstream philosophy (which was once called the queen of the civilization) has declined so much (as noticed by Heidegger and Hawking), and figured out many causes for this to happen, including various special aspects of… Continue reading One Ignored Cause for the Philosophical Decline

The Answer to “What Is Philosophy?”

Rongqing Dai Abstract Philosophy has been labeled by some scholars as a subject to answer big questions, such as “Who are we?”, “Where are we from?”, “Can we know anything?”, and more. But this becomes problematic because of lacking a consensus. Different people would consider different questions as essential to the subject of philosophy, but… Continue reading The Answer to “What Is Philosophy?”

The True Nature of Science

Rongqing Dai Abstract The miraculous success of modern sciences in the past a few centuries has instigated the exaggeration about what science is really about, which has often negatively impacted the harmony of human civilization by devaluing other important cultural ingredients such as philosophy, when science is incorrectly placed in the positions of others. In… Continue reading The True Nature of Science

2nd Order Philosophy

Rongqing Dai Background Human civilization is now suffering the widespread political and economic crises all over the world due to the collective confusion caused by various extreme worldviews, extreme life views, and extreme religious views. With the ever stronger capacity to cultivate nature, to produce goods, to fend off the beasts and catastrophes, and to… Continue reading 2nd Order Philosophy

The Philosophy of Inflation

Rongqing Dai, Ph.D. Abstract Inflation is not only a fundamental element in the market economy, but also a key to understand many important economic phenomena that have been occurring for decades or even centuries around the world. Nonetheless, there does not seem to be a consensus among the professional economic experts about the role of… Continue reading The Philosophy of Inflation

Redistributing Wealth Through Inflation

Rongqing Dai Abstract Inflation has become a scary term not only for ordinary people but also for the professional body of economists. While inflation is actually not only an inevitable fundamental element in the market economy, but also a key to understand many important economic phenomena that have been occurring for decades or even centuries… Continue reading Redistributing Wealth Through Inflation

Flying Saucer & Intercontinental Flight

Rongqing Dai Introduction While Flying Saucers still remain an amusing topic of urban legends today, the potential benefit of the flat and symmetric saucer shape (round or triangle, etc) for transportation means of civil aviation has been utterly ignored. In fact, the saucer shape would grant the Flying Saucers some critical advantages over other flying… Continue reading Flying Saucer & Intercontinental Flight